Date: 1 to 10 December 2023

Group Special Cost for 9 nights 
Meals included: From USD 1690 pp Sharing


*9 Nights accommodation, on suite rooms
*Breakfast and Dinners
*Border Transfers return trip from Inhambane Airport to Tofo
*10 dives
*Nitrox, enriched air
*DIve Master


*Reef Tax, far reefs only
*Dive courses
*Snacks and drinks
*Flights or Travel to Inhambane
*Gear Rental


How to get there:

Fly from Johannesburg to the town Inhambane (20 minutes from Tofo) via Maputo with LAM Mozambique Airlines: 4 hour flight
Drive from Johannesburg: 16 hours

For more Information on our trips to Tofo:
Contact: Sonja Otto on or +27 82 5797595

About Tofo

This enigmatic African country is unfailingly rewarding – with untouched beaches and vibrant, welcoming people, Mozambique has something for everyone. From colonial-style architecture in Maputo, remote archipelagos in the north, pounding surf in the south and graceful dhows with billowing sails up and down the coastline, visitors to this vast country are rarely disappointed. Visitors to Southern Mozambique, the most developed part of the country, are lured by promises of plates of fresh giant prawns and grilled lagosta (crayfish), lazy days cooled by the Indian Ocean breeze and some of the best diving, snorkelling and game fishing in the world. The legendary beaches of Tofo and Barra boast some of the most beautiful stretches of land on the continent and southern Mozambique is also home to a wealth of cultural highlights.

Marine Life in Tofo

In Tofo we have an array of exciting marine life All 5 species of turtles, 2+ species of dolphin, 2 species of manta, many stingray species (including the extremely rare smalleye stingray), many species of shark (white tip reef, grey reef, whale shark, leopard sharks and the occasional hammerhead, bull, great white and tiger).Deep and shallow sites in Tofo offer a myriad of macro species. Frog fish, shrimp species, crabs and countless nudibranch species, means you’ll be looking up for the giants and looking  down for the critters. All of these particular species are here the whole year.  

Whale sharks don’t have a season – they are seen every month of the year. They fluctuate in numbers depending on the amount of plankton in the water, which is continually changing with the currents and when they are all eaten by the whale sharks! You are most likely to see whale sharks on the water surface, and so either in between ‘double dive’ trips during the surface interval, or if you would like a dedicated tour, we offer the ‘ocean safari’, a 2-hour snorkelling trip where we try our luck with finding a whale shark or two. Whale sharks are by no means guaranteed – it’s purely down to luck if you’re in the right place at the right time.

Humpback whales are the only species with a definite season in Tofo; June to November they are here, although peak months are certainly August and September. We don’t swim with Humpback whales, as they come up to Mozambican waters to give birth and breed – and so tend to be very dynamic. This does, however, create incredible encounters that we can enjoy from the boat, either during a surface interval of a ‘double dive’ trip or during the 2-hour ‘ocean safari’ trip. You can even just sit at our restaurant, ’23 Degrees South’, and watch them in the bay outside the shop!

Mantas on dives, whale sharks on the surface. We see manta rays equally across all of our deep (20m+) dive sites, and generally it’s on around 15% of dives we will see one. We have at least 2 cleaning stations on each deep site, where we hang out for a bit to see if there’s anything big coming through to clean.  


Our accommodation is right on the beach next to the dive school we dive with.


Contact Info


Phone:    +27 (0)82 579 7595
Postal Address:
Po Box 1232
Greatbrak River

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